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segunda-feira, fevereiro 14, 2011

Publicis full-year results show 19.8% jump in revenue

Publicis full-year results show 19.8% jump in revenue

The Publicis Groupe, parent company of MSL, has announced an increase in revenue of 19.8% for 2010.

Jump in revenue: Publicis' CEO Maurice Levy

Jump in revenue: Publicis' CEO Maurice Levy

The group recorded revenue of €5.4bn over the whole of 2010, a rise of 19.8%, and organic growth of 8.3%. Organic growth rose to 12.5% in the fourth quarter.

The group reported a net income of €526m during the year, a rise of over 30%.

At the start of the year, Matthew Freud bought back Freud Communications from the group. Now Maurice Lévy, chairman and CEO of Publicis Groupe, hinted at future acquisitions.

He said: 'Our financial situation is extremely robust and enables us to look ahead to the future with serenity. Investment will be aimed first and foremost at consolidating our two growth pillars: the digital sector in which we intend to strengthen our leadership position, and high-growth countries in which we must increase our presence even more rapidly.

Lévy continued: 'For some years now we have regularly out-performed the market, and I am convinced that we shall continue to forge ahead in the years to come. There are several reasons for this: our asset profile perfectly matches the needs of advertisers, particularly in the field of digital communication, our well-balanced business portfolio, our culture based on client service and cost control, and – though I hardly need to say it – the exceptional motivation of all our staff.

'Publicis Groupe's excellent 2010 annual results have put an end to the impact of the global financial crisis, and the Groupe has emerged from this difficult context considerably stronger.'

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