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terça-feira, outubro 06, 2009

Wakeup call - 06.10.09

Equity upgrades drive stocks higher

Stocks rallied yesterday on good ISM Non-manufacturing numbers and not least Goldman upgrades in the financial and industrial sectors.

· Stocks rallied in the US yesterday on the back of Goldman upgrading banks and industrials. We do expect further upgrades, which will bring equities higher, but the current snapback could be purely technical move before going lower.

· Risk willingness seems to be intact; AUD and EUR getting stronger, USD getting weaker. Crude rallying along with equity markets.

· Australia hiked interest rates by 0.25% to 3.25%. RBA said that economic conditions in Australia had been stronger than expected.

· Demise of the USD? Arab states have launched secret moves with China, Russia and France to stop using USD for oil trading and instead using a basket of currencies; USD is selling off on this.

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