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segunda-feira, outubro 05, 2009

Wakeup call - 05.10.09

Still risk-willingness in the FX-market

EUR and AUD edging higher. USD and JPY lower. Also High Yield was picked up on Friday, but still very bad job figures from the US.

· Horrible labor market data on Friday: NFP dropped 263K. UR increased to 9.8%, avg. Weekly Hours decreased to 33. Participation Rate dropped to 65.2% (-0.3%). In other words: If PR had been unchanged, UR would have been above 10%. Still no indication of stabilization of job losses.

· Signs of risk-willingness in the FX market: EUR and AUD edging higher. USD and JPY lower. Also: High Yield being picked up on Friday.

· Watch out for the CRB index, which is close to breaking trendline support since March. That is a potential negative today.

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