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quinta-feira, setembro 24, 2009

Wakeup Call - 24.09.09

Asset purchase program extended to March

Fed extended the asset purchase program deadline to March, but nevertheless stated that the economy has picked up.

· Mixed signals from central banks: The Federal Reserve will keep interest rates low for another period and also extended the asset purchase program to March, while Canada and Norway is signaling that they are ready to hike; stocks will be supported by the Fed’s statement, but once other central banks start to signal hiking interest rates stocks will be under pressure.

· Initial Jobless Claims surprised to the upside last week due to Labor Day. Watch out for a worse than expected number today as those first time claimants who missed out will make sure that they get benefits this time.

. Hennes & Mauritz reported Q3 results earlier today. Net income rose to SEK 3.46B (3.33B), which was slightly below the SEK 3.5B estimate.

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