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segunda-feira, setembro 07, 2009

Wakeup call - 07.09.09

Strong US session Friday will lead equities higher today

Despite Friday's release of data from the US labor market stocks showed a very strong session. This will most likely bring European equities higher as US celebrates Labor Day.

· Friday’s US labor market data showed a continued deterioration of conditions. Unemployment Rate out at 9.7% vs. 9.5% expected. Participation Rate unchanged at 65.5% and NFP dropped 216K vs. 230K expected. Average Weekly Hours unchanged at 33.1 as expected.

· Stocks gave up 1% at the release, but regained the lost territory and closed higher. The irrational exuberance continues into today’s session: The JPY is down and AUDUSD breaks the 0.85 level. Shanghai Composite is up more than 1% and Treasuries are down more than a figure. Our stance today is "buy stocks on dips".

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