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terça-feira, setembro 01, 2009

Wakeup call 01/09/2009

Stocks being picked up yesterday in the US session

The fibo-level at 1014 in S&P500 was retested yesterday and rejected. This will bring European equities higher this morning.

· The FX market is pointing to continued optimism with AUD and EUR strength vs. USD weakness. The HY Universe is about unchanged, but treasuries are higher.

· Stocks being picked up late in the US session after the S&P500 tested the 1014 support (38.2% Big Picture Fibo). We expect stocks to edge higher again today.

· PMI Manufacturing from China show a record expansion in manufacturing output, but commodities are continuing lower, led by Oil (and natural gas!)

· According to TrimTabs, insider selling is now 30 times higher than insider buying and corporate buy-backs are virtually non-existing.

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